Objectivity, Simulation and the Unity of Consciousness: Current Issues in the Philosophy of Mind

Volume published 1994

Christopher Peacocke, pages ix

Introduction: The Issues and their Further Development
Christopher Peacocke, pages xi-xxvi

Objects and Objectivity
John Campbell, pages 3-20

[Commentary] Thoughts about Objects, Places and Times
Bill Brewer, pages 21-34

[Commentary] Cognitive Maps, Time and Causality
John O’Keefe, pages 35-45

Unity and Objectivity
Susan Hurley, pages 49-77

[Commentary] What is Relevant to the Unity of Consciousness?
Anthony Marcel, pages 79-88

[Commentary] Issues of Unity and Objectivity
Michael Lockwood, pages 89-95

The Mental Simulation Debate
Martin Davies, pages 99-127

[Commentary] Simulation vs. Theory Theory: What is at Issue?
Jane Heal, pages 129-144

[Commentary] The Necessity and Impossibility of Simulation
Josef Perner, pages 145-154

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