Note from the Editors

by Dawn Adès and Fiona Williams

11 Aug 2021
Journal of the British Academy, volume 9 (2021)
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As we posted in January 2021, the Journal of the British Academy is spreading its call for submissions to articles associated with any of the Academy’s own programmes, activities and interests – i.e. beyond just articles arising from the Academy’s programme of public lectures. As part of this, we also welcome responses to, or comments on, articles that have already appeared in the Journal, and we welcome offers of such contributions to academic debate. As a start, we expect to publish responses to Professor Mokyr’s article later in the current volume.

The Journal of the British Academy is featuring a strong line-up of thematic supplementary issues in 2021, with three already published. There will be further issues reflecting African perspectives, and a series of issues that relate to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) being hosted by the UK in November.


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