Heritage, Dignity and Violence

This programme funds research on sustainable peace and the prevention of violence broadly understood.
Start date
21 months
Programme status

Tackling the challenge of achieving sustainable peace and preventing violence requires a consideration of local cultures, practices, histories and societal norms, and an understanding of how such norms are complex and contextually differentiated and intersectionally experienced. It is often the case that these considerations are not well or fully brought into policy and practice that tend to ignore aesthetic, representational, and reflective practices. New approaches that cross sectoral and disciplinary boundaries are vital in achieving a step change in this area.

The projects funded under this programme demonstrate an innovative and interdisciplinary approach yielding new conceptual understandings, developing ground-breaking research and energising innovative collaborations in the humanities and social sciences. 

For more details about the programme and the eligibility requirements, please see the scheme notes.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 020 7969 5220


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