In Defence of Maya Land, Lives, and Dignity: Co-Creating Pathways out of Structural and Slow Violence via Community Mobilising, Mapping, and Art

This project aims to theorise and illustrate both violence and dignity from the standpoint of indigenous (Maya) communities in Southern Belize.
Project status

This project uses an intersectional and rights-based research design comprised of qualitative methods to gather empirical evidence that fulfils the following objectives: 1) Analysing encroachments upon and contaminations to Maya ancestral lands and heritage sites by documenting violations of Free, Prior and Informed Consent being perpetrated by corporate and state entities; 2) Amplifying the voices of rural Maya communities regarding what living with dignity means to them; 3) Increasing gender equity in Maya economic development projects and internal governance; 4) Bridging the generational gap between elders and youth with respect to Maya cosmovisón (worldviews); and 5) Further developing an alternative economy based on solidarity, inclusion and indigenous practices of sustainable land use, agro-forestry and food production. 

Research TeamDr Levi Gahman, University of Liverpool; Dr Gabrielle Hosein, University of the West Indies, Jamaica; Dr Filiberto Penados, University of Belize; Ms Cristina Coc, Julian Cho Society; Maya Leaders Alliance, Belize; Dr Kathy Burrell, University of Liverpool 

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