Framing Living Heritage as Tool to Prevent Spatial Violence

How can heritage be leveraged for peace?
Project status

Dignity is at stake when human rights are threatened by forced eviction and resettlement as key modalities of spatial violence. In the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 16, the protection of cultural heritage and the promotion of inclusive and peaceful human settlements are crucial. Myanmar’s governments have used forced relocation and land confiscation since the 1950s, as a means of achieving ‘Burmanisation’ through acts of spatial violence perpetrated against ethnic, political and religious minorities and the urban poor. Despite an emergent democratisation process, threats of evictions remain. This project explores the intersection of heritage, land/housing rights, conflict and forced displacement as central issues in the urban dimension of Myanmar’s peace-building processes.

Research Team: Dr Catalina Ortiz, University College London; Dr Giovanna Astolfo, University College London; Professor Camillo Boano, University College London. Local partners are not displayed here due to security concerns.

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