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Keynes Lectures in Economics

This lecture series was established at the suggestion of the Academy’s Economics Section, and named after John Maynard Keynes FBA. The lecture was first delivered in 1971.

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2019  by Joel Mokyr

2018  The McWages project: Comparing real wages across countries and time, by Orley C Ashenfelter (audio)

2017  Economists as plumbers (or dentists), by Esther Duflo (event information)

2016  Globalisation and wage inequality, by Elhanan Helpman (text | audio, plus slides)

2015  Economic impossibilities for our grandchildren? by Kevin O'Rourke (text | video)

2014  Central banks: Powerful, political and unaccountable? by Willem H Buiter (text | video)

2013  What if? Models, fact and fiction in economics, by Mary S Morgan (text | video)

2012  Unemployment in the Great Recession, by Christopher Pissarides (video)

2011  Creating Competition: New Auctions for Public Policy, by Paul Klemperer (audio, plus slides)

2010  How the market gives us what we want - even if we are irrational, by Robert Sugden (audio, plus slides)

2009  The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective, by Robert C Allen (text)

2008  Instruments of Development: Randomisation in the Tropics, and the Search for the Elusive Keys to Economic Development, by Angus Deaton (text)

2007  From shells and gold to plastic and silicon: a theory of the evolution of money, in the spirit of Keynes, by John Moore (event information)

2006  The Origins of Fair Play, by Ken Binmore [with discussion by Robert Sugden] (text)

2005  Practical Issues in United Kingdom Monetary Policy, 2000-2005, by Stephen Nickell (text)

2004  The New Political Economy, by Timothy Besley (text | audio)

2003  Economics for Consumer Policy, by John Vickers (text)

2002  Development as a Process of Change: Toward a Dynamic Public Economics, by Nicholas Stern (text)

2001  Welfare-to-Work: Which Policies Work and Why? by Richard Blundell (text)

2000  Rich Trades, Scarce Capabilities: Industrial Development Revisited, by John Sutton (text)

1999  Keynes, Keynesianism, and the International Economy, by Alan S Milward  [with discussion] (text)

1998  Central Bankers and Uncertainty, by C A E Goodhart  [with discussion] (text)

1997  What is Labour-Market Flexibility? What is it Good for? by Robert M Solow  [with discussion] (text)

1995  The Economics of the Environment, by Partha Dasgupta  [with discussion] (text)

1994  A Future for the Past: The Political Economy of Heritage, by Alan Peacock  [with discussion] (text)

1993  Economic Performance and Education: The Nature of Britain’s Deficiencies, by S J Prais  [with discussion] (text)

1992  Incomplete Market Economies, by Frank Hahn (text)

1991  What is Happening to the Distribution of Income in the UK? by A B Atkinson (text)

1990  The High-wage Theory of Unemployment: Theory and British Experience 1920–89, by J C R Dow (text)

1989  On Different Interpretations of the General Theory, by Don Patinkin (text)

1988  Fifty Years On: Some Personal Reflections, by Donald MacDougall (text)

1987  Industrial Change and Unemployment, by G D N Worswick (text)

1986  Explaining Economic Growth, by M FG Scott (text)

1985  A Keynesian View of the Stagnation of the 1980s, by James Tobin (text)

1984  Animal Spirits, by R C O Matthews (text)

1983  How Useful are Keynesian Ideas in the 1980s? by Brian Reddaway (text)

1982  Limitations of the ‘General Theory’, by Lord Kaldor (text)

1981  The Relationship between Monetary and Fiscal Policy, by Alec Cairncross (text)

1980  Inflation in the World Economy, by A J Brown (text)

1979  Bank Rate in Keynes’s Century, by R S Sayers (text)

1978  Keynes, Political Arithmetic and Econometrics, by Richard Stone (text)

1976  Time and Choice, by G L S Shackle (text)

1975  The Political Economy of Inflation, by Thomas Wilson (text)

1974  On Re-reading Keynes, by Lord Kahn (text)

1973  The Inheritance of Inequalities: Some Biological, Demographic, Social, and Economic Factors, by J E Meade (text)

1972  The International Monetary Problem, by Lord Robbins (text)

1971  John Maynard Keynes: Economist, Author, Statesman, by Austin Robinson (text)