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Justice, Rights & Equality

Justice, Rights & Equality

A British Academy programme of activities which seeks to develop new understanding of the tensions at the interface between global norms and local attempts to realise justice, rights and equality.

Working Together: Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals

This project is led by Professor Sandra Fredman FBA, QC (hon). A report will be launched at the British Academy in the autumn of 2018.

We are at a crucial moment at the start of the fifteen-year cycle to link the well-established human rights machinery with the UN development agenda. This British Academy report will examine how best human rights can be harnessed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and simultaneously, how the Sustainable Development Goals can be harnessed to advance the fulfilment of human rights. The report will focus primarily on SDG 5, namely the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

Other project outputs include:



Navigating Inclusion in Peace Settlements: Human Rights and the Creation of the Common Good

In 2017 the British Academy produced a report, authored by Professor Christine Bell FBA, on Navigating Inclusion in Peace Settlements: Human Rights and the Creation of the Common Good. It is available for download here.

The report points to ways in which peace agreements based on compromise and without a clear pre-commitment to the common good tend to institutionalise 'formalised political unsettlement'. It argues that human rights commitments can facilitate entry points for the creation of an inclusive political order and suggests a novel approach to the implementation of human rights measures. In so doing, the report responds to calls from development and peacebuilding actors for more politically smart tactics with regard to intervention in fragile and conflict-affected states. 

Linked to the report, we have also published a set of working papers, which are available for download, and a series of case studies on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burundi, Egypt, Nepal and Sri Lanka



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