Which Global Talent Visa route is right for me?

There are four routes to obtaining endorsement* for a Global Talent visa in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, the social sciences and the humanities. The decision tree below will help you identify which route may be most appropriate.

*Holders of certain prestigious prizes can apply for a visa without going through the initial endorsement stage. The list of eligible awards and further information is available on GOV.UK.

Click download to view a full screen pdf of the decision tree or find a text version of the information below.


Route 1: Academic and research appointments

Have you accepted the offer of a job at an institution approved by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society? If no, proceed to Route 2. If yes, will you be responsible in your new role either for academic, research or innovation leadership and development, or for directing or leading an individual or team research or innovation project or programme of work? If no, proceed to Route 2. If yes, you need a job description and a statement of guarantee from the Human Resources Director or equivalent at the employing institution confirming that certain recruitment and role requirements were met to support your application for a fast-track visa.

More information on Route 1: Academic and research appointments

Route 2: Individual fellowships

Have you been awarded an individual fellowship on the list approved by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Society? If no, proceed to Route 3. If yes, then if your fellowship is listed and you hold it currently or have done so within the last five years, you must submit a copy of the award letter as part of your fast-track visa application.

Eligibility for the individual fellowships route opens on the date that the award letter is issued and closes five years after the fellowship has ended.

More information on Route 2: Individual fellowships

Route 3: Endorsed funders

Are you working on a research grant issued by an endorsed funder on the list approved by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)? If no, proceed to Route 4. If yes, then if you as an individual or your role is named in a successful grant application from an endorsed funder, you need to submit both the award letter and a statement of guarantee from the employing or host institution as part of your application for a fast-track visa. The funder and the institution must both be on UKRI’s approved lists.

Under the endorsed funder route, eligibility extends to the principal investigator (P.I.), co-investigators (Co I.) and team roles stated in the grant application at graduate level and above – for example, postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, technologists and methodologists. Eligible individuals must spend at least 50% of their work time on fulfilling the grant conditions (principal investigators or co-investigators holding multiple grants may demonstrate 50% in aggregate). A minimum award threshold of £30,000 applies and the minimum grant duration is 24 months. Individuals must have at least one year left on their employment contract to be eligible.

More information on Route 3: Endorsed funders

Route 4: Peer review

Check the eligibility and assessment criteria for a standard endorsement and submit an application for peer review by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering or Royal Society.

‘Exceptional talent and promise’ applications are reviewed by the British Academy for humanities and social sciences, the Royal Academy of Engineering for engineering, and the Royal Society for natural and medical sciences. If you do not meet the criteria for standard endorsement, you may still be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa. If you are coming to the UK for the purposes of collaboration, training or knowledge exchange, you may apply through the Government Authorised Exchange Worker route.

More information on Route 4: Peer review

Page last updated: 7 January 2022

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