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UK Fellow, Section H7, Archaeology, elected in 2013

Professor Glynis Jones FBA

Evolutionary approaches to the origins and spread of agriculture; archaeobotany and biomolecular archaeology; the investigation of past cultivation practices through weed ecology and stable isotope analysis
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About this Fellow

Glynis Jones has been a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield since 2004, and before that a senior lecturer at the same university. She has an MPhil and PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge, and has led interdisciplinary research projects on the evolutionary origins and spread of agriculture, and the investigation of past cultivation practices through weed ecology and crop stable isotope analysis. Before embarking on a university career she studied and taught biology, worked as an archaeological scientist at the Fitch Laboratory in the British School at Athens, and as environmental archaeologist at the Museum of London. She has taught courses on archaeobotany, early farming, biomolecular archaeology, and archaeological statistics to undergraduates and postgraduates, and has enjoyed harnessing the biological sciences, particularly plant ecology and DNA analysis, to address archaeological debates. She has conducted fieldwork, both archaeological and ecological, in the Mediterranean (especially Greece and Spain), Turkey and Britain. She is a vice-president of the British School at Athens, has served on grant-awarding panels for the School, the European Research Council and Natural Environment Research Council, and was a member of the RAE2008 and REF2014 research evaluation panels for archaeology.


Other Archaeology Fellows

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