Professor Carole Hillenbrand FBA

Islamic history 1050-1250, especially Iran and Syria; Muslim perspectives of the crusades, the scholar al-Ghazali and the caliphate.

Elected 2007

UK Fellow

Current post

Professor Emerita of Islamic History, University of Edinburgh; Professor of Islamic History, University of St Andrews

Past appointments

University of St Andrews Professor Emerita of Islamic History

Jan 2013 -

University of Edinburgh Professor Emerita

Oct 2008 -

Dartmouth College, USA Visiting Professor

Jan 2005 -

University of Groningen, Netherlands Visiting Professor

Jan 2002 -

University of Edinburgh Professor of Islamic History, University of Edinburgh

Jan 2000 -

University of Edinburgh Reader in Islamic History

Jan 1990 - Jan 2000


The waning of the Umayyad caliphate 1989

A Muslim principality in Crusader times: the early Artuqid state 1990

The Crusades: Islamic perspectives 1999

Turkish myth and Muslim symbol: the Battle of Manzikert 2007

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