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Connected Knowledge is a communications campaign dedicated to celebrating how interdisciplinary research and learning shapes the world – especially when STEM and SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy) subjects come together.

From quicker crisis responses to better understanding of our past, present and future, this blending of minds, skills and fields so often leads to real and lasting change, for both academic advancement and societal good.

To highlight the importance of these collaborations in real-world settings, we will be sharing examples of connected knowledge in action across our social media platforms and encouraging others to get involved.


The mission is simple: to demonstrate and celebrate the power of research – and the people who lead it – in building and shaping the world we all share.

We believe that STEM and SHAPE are two sides of the same coin and their combined value – to people and planet, now and in the future – is far greater when they’re connected. We need both to make a better world.

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