Fontes Historiae Africanae

Sources for the study of African history.

Fontes Historiae Africanae is an international project, initiated in 1962 to produce editions of sources for the history of Africa, under the general auspices of the Union Académique Internationale. In 1973 the British Academy established a British committee to publish volumes in the series; by 1995, ten volumes had been prepared and published via this committee and the Academy. A list of the volumes published by the British Academy in the original Fontes Historiae Africanae series (1980-1995) is available below.

In 1997, the British committee established a new series, in which all its volumes are published. Non-English sources are published in English translation. The original language texts are occasionally published in addition.

The majority of the volumes are published by Oxford University Press and are available in the 'Fontes Historiae Africanae' collection, while some are no longer in print.

Publications in the new series

  1. The English in West Africa, 1681–1683: The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Part 1
    Editor: Robin Law
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726176-7 hbk (1997)
    384 pages
  2. Memoirs of Giambattista Scala: Consul of his Italian Majesty in Lagos in Guinea (1862)
    Translator: Brenda Packman
    Editor: Robert Smith
    ISBN: 0-19-726204-X hbk (2000, out of print)
    184 pages
  3. A Reliable Account of the Coast of Guinea (1760)
    Author: Ludewig Ferdinand Rømer
    Translator and editor: Selena Axelrod Winsnes
    ISBN: 0-19-726218-X hbk (2000, out of print)
    320 pages
  4. Arabic Medieval Inscriptions from the Republic of Mali: Epigraphy, Chronicles, and Songhay–Tuareg History
    Author: P F de Moraes Farias
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726222-1 hbk (2003, out of print)
    544 pages, including 69 plates
  5. The English in West Africa, 1685–1688: The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Part 2
    Editor: Robin Law
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726252-8 hbk (2001)
    486 pages
  6. ‘The History of Ashanti Kings and the whole country itself’, and Other Writings by Otumfuo, Nana Agyeman Prempeh I
    Editor: A Adu Boahen, Emmanuel Akyeampong, Nancy Lawler, T C McCaskie and Ivor Wilks
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726261-0 hbk (2003, reprinted in 2003, 2005, 2006, out of print)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726415-7 pbk (2008, manufactured on demand from 2014)
    234 pages
    Facsimile or original text versions are available on the web to support this volume.
  7. An African Family Archive: The Lawsons of Little Popo/Aneho (Togo), 1841–1938
    Editor: Adam Jones and Peter Sebald
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726308-2 hbk (2005)
    582 pages
  8. The English in West Africa, 1691–1699: The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681–1699, Part 3
    Editor: Robin Law
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726392-1 hbk (2006)
    720 pages
  9. 'Treatise on the Rivers of Cuama' (Tratado dos Rios de Cuama) by Antonio da Conceicao
    Editor and translator: Malyn Newitt
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726407-2 hbk (2009)
    136 pages
  10. Dahomey and the Ending of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: The Journals and Correspondence of Vice-Consul Louis Fraser, 1851-1852
    Editor: Robin Law
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726521-5 hbk (2012)
    294 pages
  11. 'A Journey from Tete to Zumbo' (Uma Viagem de Tete ao Zumbo) by Albino Manoel Pacheco
    Editor and translator: Malyn Newitt
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726560-4 hbk (2013)
    208 pages
  12. The Goğğam Chronicle by Aläqa Täklä Iyäsus WaqGera
    Editor and translator: Girma Getahun
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726309-9 hbk (2014)
    412 pages
    Facsimile or original text versions are available on the web to support this volume.
  13. Empire and the Nuer: Documents and Texts from the Pacification of the Southern Sudan, 1891-1930
    Editor: Douglas H Johnson
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726588-8 hbk (2016)
    350 pages
  14. Voices from the Chilembwe Rising: Witness Testimonies made to the Nyasaland Rising Commission of Inquiry, 1915
    Editor: John McCracken
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726592-5 hbk (2015)
    649 pages
  15. The Colonial Occupation of Katanga: The Personal Correspondence of Clément Brasseur, 1893-1897
    Editor: Giacomo Macola
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726649-6 hbk (2018)
    656 pages
  16. Writing the New Nation in a West African Borderland: Ablɔɖe Safui (the Key to Freedom) by Holiday Komedja
    Editors: Kate Skinner and Wilson Yayoh
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726652-6 hbk (2019)
    352 pages
  17. Consul John Beecroft's Journal of his Mission to Dahomey, 1850
    Editor: Robin Law
    ISBN: 978-0-19-726653-3 hbk (2019)
    302 pages

Publications in the original series

Series Arabica

I-IV. This is not published by the British Academy

V. Shari‘a in Songhay: The Replies of al-Maghili to the Questions of Askia al-Hajj Muhammad
Editor and translator: John O Hunwick
ISBN: 0-19-726032-2 hbk (1985, out of print)

VI. Muhammad al-Qadiri’s Nashr al-mathani: The Chronicles
Editor: Norman Cigar
ISBN: 0-19-725994-4 pbk (1981, out of print)

VII-X. This is not published by the British Academy

XI. The History of the Mazru'i Dynasty of Mombasa
Editor: Shaykh Al-Amin bin ‘Ali Al Mazru‘i
Translator and editor: J McL Ritchie
ISBN: 0-19-726158-2 hbk (1995)

Series Varia

I. The Mombasa Rising against the Portuguese, 1631, from Sworn Evidence
Editor and translator:  G S P Freeman-Grenville
ISBN: 0-19-725992-8 pbk (1980, out of print)

II. The Sudan Memoirs of Carl Christian Giegler Pasha, 1873–1883
Editor: Richard Hill
ISBN: 0-19-726028-4 hbk (1984, out of print)

III. Towards a Reconstructed Past: Historical Texts from Busoga, Uganda
Editor: David William Cohen
ISBN: 0-19-726039-X hbk (1986)

IV. The Historical Geography of Ethiopia, from the First Century AD to 1704
Author: G W B Huntingford
Editor: Richard Pankhurst
ISBN: 0-19-726055-1 hbk (1989, out of print)

V. Pieter de Marees: Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea (1602)
Editors and translators: Albert van Dantzig and Adam Jones
ISBN: 0-19-726056-X pbk (1987, out of print)

VI. A State of Intrigue: The Epic of Bamana Segu According to Tayiru Banbera
Editor: David C Conrad
ISBN: 0-19-726088-8 pbk (1990)

VII. Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade: Paul Erdmann Isert’s Journey to Guinea and the Caribbean Islands in Columbia (1788)
Editor: Selena Axelrod Winsnes
ISBN: 0-19-726105-1 bk (1992, out of print)

VIII. This is not published by the British Academy

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