Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property

by Ting Xu and Alison Clarke

05 Oct 2018
Number of pages

Proceedings of the British Academy, volume 216 

By looking beyond traditional, individualist and exclusive ownership models and engaging with communal property ‘practices’ in different jurisdictions, the volume explores the theoretical grounding and legal strategies for the development and protection of communal property. 

Whilst historically communal property has had very different meanings and functions in the UK, China, and other regions of the world, parallel developments are emerging, and modern perceptions are converging even as each region faces its own unique challenges in the management of land and natural resources. These developments have raised an important question: What legal strategies are most likely to promote the development and protection of communal property? Answers to this question will not only guide domestic debates on resource governance and community development, but also provoke global discussions and help to formulate global guidelines to address pressing challenges.

Available from Oxford University Press (link to OUP catalogue page)

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