Guidelines for proposing a volume in the Proceedings of the British Academy series

Guidelines for editors on proposing a Proceedings of the British Academy themed volume.

Proposal submission deadlines

21 August 2024 for notification in late November 2024

27 November 2024 for notification in late February 2025

26 February 2025 for notification in late May 2025

The Proceedings of the British Academy series publishes themed edited collections that arise from British Academy Conferences or from other British Academy programmes and activities, showcasing the quality and range of work that the Academy supports. The Proceedings series has provided a unique record of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences for over 100 years, and new volumes published in it offer Editors an opportunity to make a major collaborative contribution that drives forward scholarship in a subject and is of lasting significance.

Volumes in the Proceedings of the British Academy series are published both digitally and in print. The series is compliant with open access requirements for work that has also been supported through UKRI; where Editors can draw on appropriate funding, content in volumes can be made available open access immediately on publication.

Any queries about proposing a volume in the Proceedings series may be submitted to [email protected].

Information for Editors

Your role as Editor

As Editor, you are responsible for defining the subject matter and role of every chapter in the volume. Editors should not leave each chapter to the discretion of their authors, but rather provide guidance as to the scope for each chapter so that each contribution flows within the volume.

A successful themed volume will have a unity that owes much to its Editor. It may be important to spell out the boundaries of each chapter, to ensure both a complementary approach and the absence of overlap. Above all, Editors should work to cover all the relevant angles of the topic, while minimising any repetition between the chapter.

If your proposal is successful, Editors are required to ensure each contribution is peer reviewed by at least one reviewer not otherwise affiliated with the volume prior to the manuscript’s submission.

Volume structure

Proposal submission and selection process

Additional information

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