Memories of violence: introduction

by Charles Tripp

15 Jun 2020
Journal of the British Academy
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6 (pp. 1-6)

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Abstract: Violence is a near ever-present reality for much of humanity. This publication will seek to explore the ways in which violence has been defined, valorised, and inscribed on the imagination by providing an interdisciplinary discussion of some of the key themes related to our understanding of violence: commemoration and memory in the context of violence; dignity and violence; and violence and language. These themes aim to encourage a broader and deeper understanding of violence and the conditions in which its various forms may thrive, exploring what we recognise as violence, how we interpret and represent its many forms, as well as how we may assess its impact over time.

Keywords: Violence, commemoration, memory, memorialisation, language, dignity.

Article posted to Journal of the British Academy, volume 8, supplementary issue 3 (Memories of Violence).

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