Cities and Infrastructure in the Global South

Edited by Caroline Knowles, posted to Journal of the British Academy, volume 7, supplementary issue 2, in 2019.


Cities and infrastructure in the Global South: introduction
Caroline Knowles
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 1–10, posted 7 August 2019.

Understanding infrastructure interfaces: common ground for interdisciplinary urban research?
Jo Beall, Zegeye Cherenet, Liza Cirolia, Nuno Da Cruz, Susan Parnell and Philipp Rode
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 11–43, posted 7 August 2019.

Reducing disaster risk to life and livelihoods by evaluating the seismic safety of Kathmandu’s historic urban infrastructure: enabling an interdisciplinary pilot
R. A. E. Coningham, K. P. Acharya, C. Barclay, R. Barclay, C. E. Davis, C. Graham, P. N. Hughes, A. Joshi, L. Kelly, S. Khanal, A. Kilic, T. Kinnaird, R. B. Kunwar, A. Kumar, P. N. Maskey, A. LaFortune-Bernard, N. Lewer, D. McCaughie, N. Mirnig, A. Roberts, V. Sarhosis, A. Schmidt, I. A. Simpson, T. Sparrow, D. G. Toll, B. Tully, K. Weise, S. Wilkinson and A. Wilson
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 45–82, posted 7 August 2019.

Barriers to urban shelter self-recovery in Philippines and Nepal: lessons for humanitarian policy and practice
Holly Schofield, Emma Lovell, Bill Flinn and John Twigg
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 83–109, posted 7 August 2019.

Towards a shared prosperity: co-designing solutions in Lebanon’s spaces of displacement
Nikolay Mintchev, Hanna Baumann, Henrietta L. Moore, Andrea Rigon and Joana Dabaj
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 109–135, posted 7 August 2019.

Community perceptions of social, economic and environmental impacts of flooding in central districts of Hanoi, Vietnam
Maria Paola Scaparra, Ngo Cong Chinh, Dang Thu Phuong and Trung Hieu Tran
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 137–154, posted 7 August 2019.

Vulnerability to extreme weather events in cities: implications for infrastructure and livelihoods
Katherine V. Gough, Paul W. K. Yankson, Robert L. Wilby, Ebenezer F. Amankwaa, Mercy A. Abarike, Samuel N. A. Codjoe, Paula L. Griffiths, Raymond Kasei, Sam Kayaga and Cuthbert K. Namilse
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 155–181, posted 7 August 2019.

Rapid urbanisation and implications for indigenous knowledge in early warning on flood risk in African cities
Raymond Abudu Kasei, Miriam Dalitso Kalanda-Joshua and Daniel Tutu Benefor
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 183–214, posted 7 August 2019.

Discipline in Sri Lanka, punish in Pakistan: neoliberalism, governance, and housing compared
Asha Abeyasekera, Ammara Maqsood, Iromi Perera, Fizzah Sajjad and Jonathan Spencer
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 215–244, posted 7 August 2019.

Food (in)security in urban peripheries: the case of Maré, Rio de Janeiro
Antonis Vradis and Timo Bartholl
Journal of the British Academy, 7(s2): 245–260, posted 7 August 2019.

Supplementary issues of the Journal of the British Academy publish articles arising from the Academy’s own major research programmes.

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