Journal of the British Academy, Volume 3

Volume 3 contains nine articles posted to the Journal of the British Academy in 2015.


Time for Shakespeare: Hourglasses, sundials, clocks, and early modern theatre
Tiffany Stern
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 1-33, 23 March 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.001

The novel as therapy: Ministrations of voice in an age of risk
Patricia Waugh
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 35-67, 7 August 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.035

Rivers of blood: Illustrating violence and virtue in Russia's early modern empire
Valerie A Kivelson
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 69-106, 14 December 2015. DOI 10/5871/jba/003.069

Britain and the beginning of Scotland
Dauvit Broun
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 107-37, 7 August 2015.  DOI 10.5871/jba/003.107

'To count for nothing': Poverty beyond the statistics
Ruth Lister
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 139-65, 1 September 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.139

Out of the ashes: Europe's rebirth after the Second World War, 1945-1949
Ian Kershaw
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 167-83, 5 October 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.167

Does Britain need the European Union? Does the European Union need Britain?
reflections by Helen Wallace
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 185-95, 4 November 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.185

Autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder of mind-reading
Francesca Happé
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 197-209, 26 November 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.197

'Curse, bless, me now': Dylan Thomas and Saunders Lewis
Tudur Hallam
Posted to JBA volume 3, pp. 211-53, 17 December 2015. DOI 10.5871/jba/003.211

The texts of these lectures are printed in British Academy Lectures 2014-15 (254 pages; 978-0-19-726598-7 pbk), which can be purchased through Oxford University Press

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