The construct of ‘national’ languages in independent Angola: towards its deconstruction

by Botelho Jimbi and Dinis Vandor Sicala

31 Oct 2022
Journal of the British Academy
Digital Object Identifier
Number of pages
18 (pp. 59-76)

Abstract: This article discusses the construct of the concept of ‘national language’ in Angolan society in general, and in intellectual circles in particular. For a clear understanding of the concept, two others are also considered. One is the concept of ‘official language’ and the other is that of ‘regional language’. Three questions will be of paramount importance to help delineate the focus of the article. Firstly, how is the term ‘national language’ used in the literature and in the context of communication in Angola? Secondly, how different is it from the other two terms? Thirdly, how can academia help to clarify this concept in the Angolan context, where it seems to be used inaccurately?

Keywords: national languages, precolonial languages, educational system, regional languages.

Article posted to Journal of the British Academy, volume 10, supplementary issue 6, Language, Culture and Society in Postcolonial Angola.

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