Findings of the Future of the Corporation ‘Purpose Labs’

by Jocelyn Bailey, Lilian Barratt, Molly Morgan Jones and Henry Richards

26 Aug 2022
Journal of the British Academy
Digital Object Identifier
Number of pages
26 (pp. 17-41)

Abstract: This article presents the findings of the Future of the Corporation ‘Purpose Labs’ that took place between September and December 2020. It is a synthesis of the outputs and notes captured by the authors who facilitated the sessions and the proposals referenced are described for context rather than as an evaluation or recommendation. The labs themselves brought together stakeholders of the Future of the Corporation programme – policy and business experts, thought-leaders, and stakeholders interested in the application of corporate purpose to the business ecosystem – alongside several expert partner organisations. They used the Principles for Purposeful Business (2019) as a starting point and a range of methods to engage participants in developing insights into current policy and practice, as well as emerging or new ideas and proposals. They were followed by a process of analysis and review, which then fed into the concluding report of the Future of the Corporation programme.

Keywords: Future, corporation, purposeful, business, policy, system, law, governance, measurement, finance.

Article posted to Journal of the British Academy, volume 10, supplementary issue 5 (Foundations of the Future of the Corporation programme report ‘Policy & Practice for Purposeful Business’).

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