Future of the Corporation Research Summaries

by The British Academy

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This publication provides an introduction to the Future of the Corporation research from Professor Colin Mayer CBE FBA, Academic Lead for the programme.  Alongside this introduction, 13 brief summaries give a succinct overview of the first phase of the Future of the Corporation research.

Full research papers are available in the Journal of the British Academy Issue 6 (supplementary edition).

Our report - "Reforming business for the 21st century: A framework for the future of the corporation" synthesised the research and drew conclusions from across all the papers.


The Future of the Corporation: Towards humane business
The Historical Role of the Corporation in Society
The Social purpose of Corporations: A Literature Review and Research Agenda
Do Corporations have a Duty to be Trustworthy?
Restoring Trust in Financial Services: Governance, Norms and Behaviour
Getting Clear on Corporate Culture
Is Corporate Governance a First Order Cause of the Current Malaise?
Technological Progress and the Future of the Corporation
How is Technological Change Affecting the Nature of the Corporation?
Revisiting the Uneasy Case for Corporate Taxation in an Uneasy World
Regulation and Law: The Role of Corporate, Competition and Tax Law
Patient and Impatient Capital: Time Horizons as Market Boundaries
The Impact of Ownership on Building Sustainable and Responsible Business
Can Corporations Contribute Directly to Society or only through Regulated Behaviour?

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