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Clark, John Grahame Douglas, 1907-1995

Publications • • John Coles

Extract relating to military intelligence work:

In the RAF Volunteer Reserves he was first sent to Medmenham to the aerial photograph interpretation unit, and he met again Stuart Piggott, Glyn Daniel, Charles McBurney and Dorothy Garrod (the new Disney Professor of Archaeology). Most of them were sent overseas, but Clark remained in Britain because of a health problem. In 1944 he transferred to the Air Historical branch in London; this allowed him to re-establish a home in Cambridge from where he commuted to work each day, writing on the train and editing papers for the Proceedings [of the Prehistoric Society].

(See: List of humanities scholars who worked in military intelligence in the Second World War)


Number of pages: 776

Publication date: 1997

ISBN number: 0-19-726180-9 hbk

Author: John Coles