Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure: Implications on Well-Being and Sustainability in the Global South

A project exploring the role of green infrastructure in promoting urban well-being and sustainability.
Project status

Urbanisation in the Global South is coupled with unemployment, resource degradation, growing inequality and food insecurity. This project examines the extent to which urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA), conceptualised as "green infrastructure", addresses these challenges and contributes to societal well-being and urban sustainability. The research focuses on four urban areas in India and Tanzania. It seeks to (1) investigate the impacts of UPA on built infrastructure, ecosystem services, land and water use, (2) explore how UPA is socially differentiated and privileges/marginalises certain people/groups with well-being outcomes, and (3) co-develop and test strategies that allow UPA to contribute to urban sustainability. 

Research Team: Professor Nitya Rao, University of East Anglia; Dr Ashwin Mahalingam, Indian Institute of Technology; Mr Teja Malladi, Indian Institute for Human Settlements; Dr Betty Mntambo, Open University of Tanzania; Ms Sheetal Patil, Azim Premji University; Dr Chandni Singh, Indian Institute for Human Settlements; Dr Ombeni Swai, Ardhi University

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