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Tackling the UK's Housing Crisis - Innovative Affordable Housing

This project aims to contribute to addressing affordability as one of the key global housing questions.

The research team seeks to enhance understanding of how the housing crisis, one of the UK’s biggest policy challenges, can be addressed. When the role of government is seen as vital in funding and providing affordable housing for everyone, it is important to understand existing models of innovative governance and management structures that create as well as maintain housing affordability over time. This project will examine and analyse in detail two such models – the Edith Maryon Foundation, Basel and Terra Libra Immobilien, Berlin – that have been recognised for their novel use of lease-hold property and land policies. By investigating the specific contexts of the Swiss and German examples, the project seeks to explain challenges and opportunities for the translation of these cases into the UK policy context and, by doing so, contribute to addressing affordability as one of the key global housing questions.

Principal Investigator: Dr Tatjana Schneider, University of Sheffield

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