Muslim Futures: a Study of Bradford

The aim of this project is to explore the challenges and opportunities resulting from the growing numbers of Muslims residing in the cities of Western Europe.
Project status
Closed for applications

At the heart of this project is a study of Muslims in Bradford, the city with the highest percentage of Muslims in the UK. There are four distinct stages to the research. First, previous research publications will be re-examined from a futures perspective, emphasising both the economic/ social potential of Muslim communities and the need for openness to change. Second, qualitative research in Bradford will explore the diversity of views about Muslim futures among local residents, politicians and community leaders. Third, similar but smaller scale research in three European cities will facilitate comparisons. Finally, the findings will be synthesised within a set of policy proposals and a framework for future planning which will then be rigorously examined for consistency from a broadly philosophical perspective.

Principal Investigator: Professor James Halstead, University of Oxford 

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