Mapping Borders: Ceasefire Violations Across the India-Pakistan Line of Control

The project aims to create the first open access data set on ceasefire violations across the Line of Control that divides Indian and Pakistani administered Kashmir.
Project status
Closed for applications

There is an extensive body of work on the Kashmir dispute, but no testable data on ceasefire violations between these nuclear-armed nations. In 2016, tensions between India and Pakistan were high because of major ceasefire violations in January and September. Governments in the region and especially in the UK were alarmed over the prospect for escalation. Scholars and those within the UK’s Foreign and Common Wealth Office realised that the lack of data on ceasefire violations made judgements and predictions hard if not impossible. Basic questions, such as what a violation means to both sides, remain a mystery. This underlines the need for a testable data set that promises to create new knowledge on a dispute as old as the partition of India.

Principal Investigator: Dr Rudra Chaudhuri, King's College London

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