Soft Power

This project explores the nature and relevance of soft power in the UK context.
Project status

The concept of soft power – the ability to influence the behaviour of others and obtain desired outcomes through attraction and co-option – was coined by British Academy Fellow Joseph Nye. Over the past decade, it has been the subject of considerable debate, as governments at home and overseas have sought to exploit their soft power assets in the face of power shifts in order to further their foreign policy objectives.

Project outcomes

The Art of Attraction: Soft Power and the UK’s Role in the World

The British Academy

A report discussing the nature and relevance of soft power in the context of contemporary international politics, with particular reference to the UK.

Global Power, Influence and Perception in the 21st Century

Professor Sir Adam Roberts FBA

Reflections by Professor Sir Adam Roberts (President of the British Academy, 2009-2013) on the concept of soft power and its role in state-building.

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