Implementing effective and just net zero policies (IMPERFECT)

The British Academy has made an award of £150,000 to the University of Bristol. The research project will develop a typology to classify net zero policies, translate these policies into local capability challenges and opportunities based on SHAPE synthesis, and provide policy evaluations derived from meta-level scoping to evidence successful precedents and delivery gaps identified in the synthesis. The research project started in May 2023 and will run until June 2024.
Project status

This project aims to support integrated, multi-level, net zero governance in the UK. The research approach looks to integrate different disciplines and different societal actors to arrive at practical insights and policy pathways to unlock the capabilities of local authorities, businesses, and others to realise progress towards net zero locally. Developing the typology to classify net zero policies and translating these into local capability challenges and opportunities will include place-based workshops in two local authorities and co creation to deliver policy toolkits, case studies, interactive artwork, and academic papers.

This project is intended to support actors who are or may have responsibility for delivering net zero through place-based action and to help better understand and navigate responsibilities and the instrumental use of national policy to progress local place-based net zero ambitions.

The project is led by a multi-disciplinary SHAPE research team to draw insights from a range of disciplines, including policy studies, law, geography, sociology, and science and technology studies. The team consists of:

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Colin Nolden, University of Bristol School of Law and Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Jake Barnes, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford; Prof Morag McDermont, University of Bristol Law School and Centre for Sociodigital Futures
  • Research Assistant: Esme McMillan, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

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