Capability Building for Infrastructure Delivery

This project aims to deepen understanding of the capabilities necessary for private and public sector organisations to effectively deliver infrastructure projects that will encourage economic development in sub-Saharan Africa, and support resilient societies.
Project status

Infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa plays a key role in generating economic growth and supporting resilient societies. However, it is difficult to deliver: projects are often contested, are technically, organisationally and managerially complex, and can require large, upfront, illiquid investment. 

International investors often demand higher rates of return because of the higher political, currency and project risks involved in developing countries (with soft currencies). Because projects are temporary, often unique, and typically infrequent, the capabilities needed to deliver infrastructure services effectively are difficult to build. This project aims to deepen understanding of:

(1) the capabilities that public and private sector organisations need to effectively deliver infrastructure projects that maximise benefits for local communities and

(2) how such capabilities can be enhanced and shared to reduce risks and costs.

The research is co-produced with local partners to enhance existing peer-to-peer learning networks and create new capability-building collaborations.

Principal Investigator: Professor Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex

Co-Investigators: Dr Dzidziso Samuel Kamuriwo, City University of London; Dr Rob Byrne, University of Sussex

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