Medieval Texts and Medieval British Manuscripts Containing Commentaries on Aristotle

To publish editions of works by Latin writers from the British Isles, composed during the Middle Ages; and to produce a catalogue of manuscripts reflecting the study of Aristotle in medieval England
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Chair (Medieval Texts): Professor Cecilia Trifogli FBA
Director (Medieval Texts): Professor John Marenbon FBA
Chair (Aristotle): Professor David Luscombe FBA 

The Medieval Texts Editorial Committee exists to publish editions of texts bringing to a wider audience some of the remarkable achievements of medieval scholars and thinkers in Britain whose writings have not previously received the modern editorial recognition that they have deserved. Among the greatest figures, some of whose writings have appeared in the series, are St Anselm (c.1033–1109), Archbishop of Canterbury, and Robert Grosseteste (c.1175–1253), Bishop of Lincoln. The Committee also oversees a sub-committee working to produce a Catalogue of Medieval British Manuscripts containing commentaries on Aristotle. Aristotelian thought was a very important element in the teaching given in medieval universities and such teaching often took the form of commentaries, of which relatively few have been printed.

Professor David Luscombe FBA: [email protected]

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