Health and wellbeing

The Academy is working to explore how insights from the humanities and social sciences can inform, improve and reframe health policy discussions.

In collaboration with Wellcome, the Academy is currently undertaking a series of workshops to explore the future relationship between health policy topics and research in the humanities and social sciences. Each of these events brings together a select group of researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

Key aims of this collaboration are to create a space to explore the importance of the humanities and social sciences (HSS) to health policy, to challenge existing health policy frames, and to begin to set an agenda for HSS-inclusive health policy.

The programme has previously held an interactive workshop on pandemics in January 2020, which explored the vital contributions of social sciences and humanities to pandemic preparedness and response. A short overview of this event is now available. This was followed by a workshop on health justice in February 2020, which focused on the role of law and legal services in mitigating health inequalities.

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