10-Minute Talks: The history of Belfast, a strange case of shared identity and sectarian division

by Professor Marianne Elliott FBA

24 Mar 2021

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Professor Marianne Elliott FBA reflects on the existence and history of a "shared space" Belfast identity. This talk is part of the Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics 2021.

This talk originally took place on 24 March 2021, part of the series The British Academy 10-Minute Talks, where the world’s leading professors explain the latest thinking in the humanities and social sciences in just 10 minutes. 10-Minute Talks are screened each Wednesday, 13:00-13:10, on YouTube and available on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe to the British Academy 10-Minute Talks here.

Further reading

Hearthlands: A Memoir of the White City Housing Estate in Belfast, book by Marianne Elliott.

"An alternative history of the North", review of Hearthlands.

The Long Road to Peace in Northern Ireland, edited by Marianne Elliott.

The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History, edited by Marianne Elliott.

When God Took Sides: Religion and Identity in Irish History: Unfinished History, book by Marianne Elliott.

In partnership with the Imagine! Belfast Festival 2021

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