The British Academy awards over £90,000 to fund long-term SHAPE research projects

28 Apr 2023

The British Academy has awarded over £90,000 to four research projects which will support collaborative research in the SHAPE disciplines. The funding is designed to support projects which have a clear focus on long-term sustainability and plan to move to financial self-stability.

The awards, which are for up to £25,000 in value, will enable the provision of infrastructural resources for other researchers and the wider public.

Funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, successful research projects in this cohort include those looking at the intersections between criminal justice and border control, reproductive health in the UK and early medieval medicine in the Latin West.

The 2022-23 Academy Research Projects are:

  • ‘Border Criminologies’ - Dr Mary Bosworth, University of Oxford
  • ‘Mapping Sexual and Reproductive Health in the United Kingdom’ - Dr Anne Hanley, University of Birmingham
  • ‘Corpus of Early Medieval Latin Medicine (CEMLM)’ - Dr James Palmer, University of St Andrews
  • ‘The Letters and Charters of the Anglo-Norman Kings of England, 1066 to 1135’ - Dr Nicholas Vincent, University of Oxford.

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