The British Academy awards 55 Postdoctoral Fellowships to outstanding early career researchers in the SHAPE disciplines

1 Sep 2023

The British Academy has awarded 55 Postdoctoral Fellowships to outstanding early career researchers in the SHAPE disciplines. Successful research projects in this year’s cohort range from those looking at marine medicine in the 19th century, to an examination of the ecological grief that arises from environmental destruction.

Funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, the Academy’s flagship Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme offers early career researchers the opportunity to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in an academic environment. The scheme has been running since 1987, and to date more than 1,400 researchers have been supported by a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Fellowships run for three years, and the main emphasis is on completing a significant piece of publishable research, giving award holders a foundation on which to build their academic career.

For this round of Postdoctoral Fellowships, the Academy has awarded over £18m in funding to researchers at universities and research institutions across the UK.

This year's Postdoctoral Fellowships cohort includes:

  • ‘The Health Impacts of Disruptions to the Health and Long-Term Care Workforce’ - Dr George Stoye, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • ‘The Urban Gardenscape: A New Ecological Formation’ - Dr Thomas Fry, University of Cambridge
  • ‘Lived Religion and Socioeconomic Mobility Among Second-Generation Nigerian Pentecostals in London’ - Dr Bisi Adenekan-Koevoets, University of Essex
  • ‘Slavery and the Renaissance Epic, 1569-96’ - Dr Kat Addis, University of Sussex
  • ‘Here Once Did Sound Sweet Words’: Alliterative Innovation in Poetry and Poetics of the Long Nineteenth Century’ – Dr Timothy Anderson, University of East Anglia
  • ‘Contagious Crossings: How Marine Medicine Made Waves in Nineteenth-Century Culture, 1800-1914' - Dr Asha Hornsby, University of St Andrews
  • ‘Materialities of Care: Women, Material Culture and the English Private Madhouse, 1760-1840' - Dr Anna Jamieson, University of Birmingham.

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