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Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lectures

A bequest from Mrs Frida Mond (d. 1923) added to the English Language/Literature Fund she had begun in 1910, and provided for both a ‘lecture, or paper, or monograph’ and a prize on Anglo-Saxon and Early English Literature. The lecture was first delivered in 1924, and subsequently named after the Academy’s first Secretary, Sir Israel Gollancz.

List of Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lectures delivered since 1960.
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2019 by Andy Orchard 

2016  Passionate, eloquent and determined: Heroines’ tales and feminine poetics, by Helen Cooper (text | audio)

2013  Getting A Word In: Contact, Etymology and English Vocabulary in the Twelfth Century, by Richard Dance (text | video)

2010  Personifications of Old Age in Medieval Poetry, by Ad Putter (text | text extract | audio)

2009  The Alfredian Project and its Aftermath: Rethinking the Literary History of the Ninth and Tenth Centuries, by Malcolm Godden (text)

2006  Bonjour Paresse: Literary Waste and Recycling in Book 4 of Gower's Confessio Amantis, by James Simpson (text)

2004  Authority and Intertextuality in the Works of Ælfric, by Joyce Hill (text | audio)

2002  Yorkshire Writers, by Ralph Hanna (text)

2000   Beowulf and Perception, by Michael Lapidge (text)

1998  Chaucer and Englishness, by Derek Pearsall (text)

1996  Beowulf in the Twentieth Century, by Fred C Robinson (text)

1994  ‘Pite for to here — pite for to se’: Some Scenes of Pathos in Late Medieval English Literature, by Douglas Gray (text)

1992  Anglicae linguae interpretatio: Language Contact, Lexical Borrowing and Glossing in Anglo-Saxon England, by Helmut Gneuss (text)

1990  Anger and ‘Glosynge’ in the Canterbury Tales, by Jill Mann (text)

1988  John Trevisa and the Use of English, by Ronald Waldron (text)

1986  Old English Wicing: A Question of Semantics, by Christine Fell (text)

1984  Unideal Principles of Editing Old English Verse, by E G Stanley (text)

1982  Autobiographical Poetry in the Middle Ages: The Case of Thomas Hoccleve, by J A Burrow (text)

1980  Langland and the Ideology of Dissent, by Pamela Gradon (text)

1978  The Compilation of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 60 BC to AD 890: Vocabulary as Evidence, by Janet Bately (text)

1976  The Significance of English Place-Names, by Kenneth Cameron (text)

1974  Towards a Chaucerian Poetic, by Derek Brewer (text)

1972  The Literate Anglo-Saxon — On Sources and Disseminations, by J E Cross (text)

1970  The Nature of Alliterative Poetry in Late Medieval England, by Geoffrey Shepherd (text)

1968  Medieval Poetry and the Figural View of Reality, by Elizabeth Salter (text)

1966  The Date and Composition of Ancrene Wisse, by E J Dobson (text)

1964  The Orcherd of Syon and the English Mystical Tradition, by Phyllis Hodgson

1962  The Old English Bede, by Dorothy Whitelock

1960  Humfrey Wanley: Saxonist and Library-Keeper, by C E Wright