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Elie Kedourie Memorial Lectures

This lecture series was endowed through an appeal fund in memory of Elie Kedourie FBA. The lectures are intended to be on modern history and politics (with particular regard to Europe or the Middle East). The lecture was first delivered in 1996.

Click on the blue links for outputs from the lectures or event information.

2018  Making sense of Auschwitz: New perspectives on the Holocaust, by Nikolaus Wachsmann (event information)

2016  The Arab-Israeli conflict and the making of public international law, by Joseph Weiler (audio)

2014  Rival Jihads: Islam and the Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1918, by Eugene Rogan (text | audio)

2012  The Greek War of Independence in a Global Era, by Mark Mazower (video)

2010  The Jewish History Wars, by Simon Schama (audio)

2008  Ending the Russian Revolution: Reflections on Soviet History and its Interpreters, by Sheila Fitzpatrick (text | audio)

2007  Visions of European Unity since 1945, by Noël O’Sullivan (text)

2006  Nation and Covenant: The Contribution of Ancient Israel to Modern Nationalism, by Anthony D Smith (text)

2005  Empire, History and the Contemporary Global Order, by Dominic Lieven (text)

2004  Imagining Pan-Islam: Religious Activism and Political Utopias, by James Piscatori (text | audio)

2003  The Crescent and the City of the Sun: Islam and the Renaissance Utopia of Tommaso Campanella, by Noel Malcolm (text)

2002  Special Paths or Main Roads? Making Sense of German History, by Peter Pulzer (text)

2001  Two Enlightenments: A Contrast in Social Ethics, by Gertrude Himmelfarb (text)

2000  The Legend of the Great Game, by Malcolm Yapp (text)

1999  Nationalism and the History of Ideas, John Breuilly (text)

1998  From Babel to Dragomans, by Bernard Lewis (text)

1997  The power of the weak: David Ben-Gurion and the road to Jewish independence, by Shlomo Avineri

1996  Harold Macmillan and the Middle East Crisis of 1958, by William Roger Louis (text)