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Anna Morpurgo Davies Lectures

In 2011, the British Academy and the Philological Society agreed to collaborate to hold an annual event – alternating between a panel discussion and a lecture. The lecture was first delivered in 2013, and subsequently named after Anna Morpurgo Davies Hon DBE, FBA (d. 2014), a former President of the Society.

Click on the blue links for outputs from the lectures or event information.

2019 Why language learning opens the mind: old prejudices, trendy myths, and new research, by Antonella Sorace (event information | audio | presentation)

2017  Language through Deaf eyes, by Bencie Woll (event information)

2015  Observing language change and language processing: Old manuscripts, new brains, by Aditi Lahiri (video)

2013  Parts of Speech: Solid Citizens or Slippery Customers? by David Denison (text | video)