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Professor Rosemary Foot FBA

International Relations, with special reference to security studies in the Asia-Pacific, including US-China relations, human rights, Asian regional institutions, and East Asian regional governance

About this Fellow

Research interests broadly cover the international relations of East Asia: that is, security relations in the Asia-Pacific, US-China relations, human rights diplomacy, and Asian regional institutions. Current research projects include a study of Northeast Asian Perspectives on the US rebalance to Asia; China and the international human protection regime: norm creation and elaboration; a co-authored study on a new framework for the analysis of the IR of East Asia; and a comparative treatment of the US response to the rise of Japan in the 1970s-1980s with the rise of China in the 2000s.



Current post

  • Senior Research Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford
  • Emeritus Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford

Past Appointments

  • Professor and John Swire Senior Research Fellow in the International Relations of East Asia, St Antony's College, University of Oxford, 1990 - 2014
  • Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford, 1997 - 2014
  • Lecturer in International Relations, School for Global Studies, University of Sussex, 1978 - 1990


The Wrong War: American Policy and the Dimensions of the Korean conflict, 1950-1953

Rosemary Foot, 1985 Cornell University Press

Other Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations Fellows

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