Professor Robert Fowler FBA

Greek historiography and mythography; Greek epic poetry; Greek lyric poetry; History of Classical Scholarship

Elected 2015

UK Fellow

Robert Fowler was born in Palmerston, Ontario, Canada in 1954. He was educated at the University of Toronto Schools, the University of Toronto (BA 1976, MA 1977) and Oxford (DPhil 1980). After a year's post-doctoral fellowship at the Calgary Institute for the Humanities, he worked at the University of Waterloo, Ontario,for 15 years before taking up the H.O. Wills Chair of Greek at the University of Bristol in 1996. He retired from the Chair in 2017 and is now Emeritus Professor of Greek.

Current post

Henry Overton Wills Emeritus Professor of Greek, University of Bristol

Past appointments

University of Bristol Henry Overton Wills Emeritus Professor of Greek

Aug 2017 -


Mythos and Logos Journal of Hellenic Studies 131 2011

The Cambridge Companion to Homer 2004

Early Greek Mythography 2 vols 2000-2013

The Nature of Early Greek Lyric 1987

Herodotos and his Contemporaries Journal of Hellenic Studies 116 1996

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