Professor Martin Rudwick FBA

History of earth sciences, especially the reconstruction of the earth's pre-human history, 1750-1850; the history of visual imagery in the natural sciences; epistemic issues in field- and museum-based sciences

Elected 2008

Fellow type
UK Emeritus Fellow
Year elected

Past appointments

University of Cambridge Affiliated Research Scholar, Department of History and Philosophy of Science

1998 -

University of California Professor Emeritus of History

1998 -

University of California, San Diego Professor of History

1987 - 1998

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Professor Ordinarius of History and Social Aspects of the Natural Sciences

1974 - 1980

University of Cambridge University Lecturer in [successively] Geology, and History of Science

1965 - 1974

University of Cambridge University Demonstrator, Department of Geology

1955 - 1959


Worlds before Adam 2008

Earth's Deep History 2014

Georges Cuvier 1997

Scenes from Deep Time 1992

The New Science of Geology 2004 Ashgate Variorum series

Lyell and Darwin Geologists 2005 Ashgate Variorum series

The Meaning of Fossils 1972

The Great Devonian Controversy 1985

Bursting the Limits of Time 2005

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