Professor Joseph Raz FBA

Legal Philosophy with Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy, and Philosophy of Action

Elected 1987

UK Fellow
Philosophy, Law

Current post

Professor, Columbia University Law School; Professor, King's College London

Past appointments

King's College London University of London Research Professor (part time)

Oct 2011 -

University of Oxford Research Professor, University of Oxford

Jan 2006 - Jan 2009

Columbia University, New York Professor

Jan 1991 -

University of Oxford Professor of the Philosophy of Law and Fellow of Balliol College

Jan 1985 - Sep 2006

Nuffield College University of Oxford Research Fellow

Jan 1970 - Jan 1972

Balliol College University of Oxford Fellow and Tutor

Jan 1970 - Jan 1985

Hebrew University, Jerusalem Law Faculty & Dept. of Philosophy

Jan 1967 - Jan 1972


The Practice of Value 2003 Oxford: OUP

Between Authority & Interpretation 2009 Oxford: OUP

From Normativity to Responsibility 2011 OXFORD: OUP

The Concept of a Legal System 1980, 2nd ed. Oxford: OUP

Practical Reason and Norms 1999 (first edition 1975) Oxford: OUP

Value, Respect, and Attachment 2001 Cambridge: CUP

The Authority of Law 1979. Second edition 2009, Oxford: OUP

The morality of freedom 1986

Ethics in the public domain 1995

Engaging reason 2000

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