Dr Dorothy Thompson FBA

Classics and Ancient History

Elected 1996

UK Fellow

Dorothy J. Thompson, a Fellow of Girton College and Bye-Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, is an ancient historian with a particular interest in Hellenistic Egypt. In her research and writing she employs the evidence of papyri to look at social and economic questions; she is further concerned with relations between the different ethnic groups of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. 2001-2007 she served as President of the International Association of Papyrologists and remains an Honorary President. Other presidencies include the Cambridge Classical Association (1987-1990) and the Cambridge Philological Society (2002-2004). Her Memphis under the Ptolemies (Princeton 1988) received the James H. Breasted Prize from the American Historical Association (1989). She was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1996. Most of Thompson's teaching career has been in Cambridge (Isaac Newton Lectureship in the Faculty of Classics, 1992-2005) with a visiting professorship at Princeton University (1996). She has been a Member of the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton (1982/3), Fellow of the National Humanities Center, North Carolina (1993/4), held a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust (2002-2004) and has lectured widely in the UK and the US. Her Honorary DLitt (Liverpool) dates from 2013.

Current post

Life Fellow of Girton College, Bye-Fellow of Clare College

Past appointments

University of Cambridge Life Fellow of Girton College, Bye-Fellow of Clare College

Jan 2006 -

University of Cambridge Isaac Newton Trust Lecturer in Classics

Jan 1992 - Jan 2005

Girton College University of Cambridge Senior Tutor

Jan 1981 - Jan 1992

Girton College University of Cambridge Fellow in Classics and History

Jan 1965 - Jan 2006


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The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile. Studies in Waterborne Power Cambridge 2013

Kerkeosiris: an Egyptian village in the Ptolemaic period 1971, PB 2007, Arabic trans. 2011

Memphis under the Ptolemies 1988, ed. 2, 2012

Counting the people in Hellenistic Eqypt 2006

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