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Professor Dawn Adès FBA

About this Fellow

History of Art;Central America; South America; USA, Canada, Mexico; Eastern Europe; Southern Europe; Western Europe



Current post

  • Professor Emerita of Art History and Theory, University of Essex

Past Appointments

  • Professor Emerita of Art History and Theory, University of Essex, 2017
  • Professor of Art History and Theory, University of Essex, 1990
  • Lecturer, Reader, University of Essex, 1978 - 1990
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies University of London, 1973 - 1975

British Academy Appointments

  • Member of Council, 1999 - 2002


Salvador Dali

Dawn Adès, 1982 Thames & Hudson

Dada and Surrealism reviewed

Dawn Adès, 1978 Arts Council of Great Britain

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