Professor Conor Gearty FBA

The theory, law and practice of human rights; the law and practice of civil liberties; the study of terrorism in all its legal, political, historical and international relations aspects

Elected 2010

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UK Fellow
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Conor Gearty was born in Ireland and educated at University College Dublin and Cambridge. He has taught law at Cambridge, King's College London, and LSE where he still works. He writes on human rights, terrorism and civil liberties. His book Liberty and Security (2013) developed the idea of 'neo-democracy' to explain democracy in a neo-liberal age. Recent scholarly publications in the British Journal of Criminology and the European Law Journal have developed this theme. His book analysing Britain's relationship with the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, On Fantasy Island: Britain, Europe and Human Rights, was published in October 2016. Professor Gearty is also a barrister, practising law at Matrix Chambers. He lives in north London.

10-Minute Talks: COVID-19 public inquiry – a case of when, not if?

9 Sep 2020 Professor Conor Gearty FBA

Professor Conor Gearty FBA asks whether there will be a public inquiry for the way in which the virus has played out in Britain and if so, what shape it will take.

Current post

Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics

Past appointments

London School of Economics and Political Science University of London Professor of Human Rights Law

2016 -

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