Professor Anne Treisman FBA

Human cognitive neuroscience; the visual perception of objects; early feature analysis and the role of attention in the binding problem; perceptual learning and automatization of perceptual skills; and visual memory for objects and events.

Elected 2009

Corresponding Fellow

Current post

Professor Emerita of Psychology, Princeton University

Past appointments

Princeton Professor Emerita of Pschology

Jan 2014 -


Theoretical and psychological perspectives on attention. In Gazzaniga, M Ed. The Cognitive Neurosciences, IV, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. pp. 189-204 In Gazzaniga, M Ed. The Cognitive Neurosciences, IV, 2009

How the deployment of attention determines what we see Visual Cognition, 14 2006

Strategies and models of selective attention. , 76, 282-299. Psychological Review, 76 1969

A feature-integration theory of attention Cognitive Psychology, 12 1980

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