Professor Anne Treisman FBA

Human cognitive neuroscience; the visual perception of objects; early feature analysis and the role of attention in the binding problem; perceptual learning and automatization of perceptual skills; and visual memory for objects and events.

Elected 2009

Fellow type
Corresponding Fellow
Year of birth
Year of death
Year elected

Current post

Professor Emerita of Psychology, Princeton University

Past appointments

Princeton Professor Emerita of Pschology

2014 -


Theoretical and psychological perspectives on attention. In Gazzaniga, M Ed. The Cognitive Neurosciences, IV, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. pp. 189-204 In Gazzaniga, M Ed. The Cognitive Neurosciences, IV, 2009

How the deployment of attention determines what we see Visual Cognition, 14 2006

Strategies and models of selective attention. , 76, 282-299. Psychological Review, 76 1969

A feature-integration theory of attention Cognitive Psychology, 12 1980

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