This section brings together Fellows who specialise in psychology.

What is psychology?

31 May 2019 Professor Dorothy Bishop FBA

Professor Dorothy Bishop FBA explains the wide-ranging approaches to psychology and how this discipline helps us to understand ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Focus of this section

Psychology, the study of the human mind, covers a wide range of topics concerned with human thought, emotions and behaviour. A few examples of questions studied by Fellows of this Section include:
• What is memory, and how is it instantiated in the brain?
• How do children learn to read?
• How are mental processes affected by ageing and disease?
• Why and how do people differ in their responses to trauma?
• What makes people identify with one social group rather than another?
• Are humans rational beings?
• How does human cognition differ from that of other species?

Section chair

Professor Martin Eimer

Professor of Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London

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