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Professor Angela Leighton FBA

English Language and Literature
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About this Fellow

Angela Leighton is Professor or English and Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. She has published many critical works on nineteenth and twentieth-century literature. Her books include Shelley and the Sublime (1984), Victorian Women Poets: Writing Against the Heart (1992), Victorian Women Poets: A Critical Anthology (1996), On Form: Poetry, Aestheticism, and the Legacy of a Word (2007) and Voyages over Voices: Critical Essays on Anne Stevenson (2011). In addition, she has published four volumes of poetry: with Shoestring: A Cold Spell (2000), Sea Level (2007), The Messages (2012), and the most recent, Spills, with Carcanet (February 2016). This last consists of new poetry, a memoir of her English composer father and Italian mother, short stories and translations from the poetry of the Sicilian novelist, Leonardo Sciascia.


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