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Professor Alex Potts FBA

Aesthetics and history of sculpture, modern art and art theory, classical revivals
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About this Fellow

Appointments: Professor of History of Art, University of Michigan 2002 to present Professor of History of Art, University of Reading 1996-2002



Current post

  • Max Loehr Collegiate Professor of History of Art, University of Michigan


The Image Valued “As Found” and the Reconfiguring of Mimesis in Postwar Art Art History Vol 37, No.4, 2014

Flesh and the Ideal. Winckelmann and the Origins of Art History 1994, paperback 2000

The Sculptural Imagination. Figurative, Modernist, Minimalist 2000

Experiments in Modern Realism: World Making, Politics and the Everyday in Postwar European and American Art, 2013

Visual Conditions of Pictorial Meaning Michael Baxandall, Vision and the Work of Words 2015

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