Sir John Rhys Memorial Lectures

In 1924 the Academy was given the proceeds of an appeal fund to set up a ‘memorial’ for the late Sir John Rhŷs FBA. The Academy decided that the memorial would take the form of a ‘lecture, or paper, or monograph on a Welsh or other Celtic theme’. The lecture was first delivered in 1925.

List of Sir John Rhys Memorial Lectures delivered since 1961.

2023 Early Irish Learning and Society, by Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards (event information)

2019  Gender and the social imaginary in medieval Welsh law, by Robin Chapman Stacey (event information)

2016 Cúchulain in the General Post Office: Gaelic revival, Irish rising, by Joep Leerssen (text)

2013 Britain and the beginning of Scotland, by Dauvit Broun (text | video)

2010 More than ‘skimble-skamble stuff’: the Medieval Welsh Poetry Associated with Owain Glyndwr, by Gruffydd Aled Williams (text | audio)

2009 Gaelic in Medieval Scotland: Advent and Expansion, by Thomas Owen Clancy (text)

2007 Celtic Origins, the Western and the Eastern Celts, by Wolfgang Meid (text)

2005 What is Cornwall? by Charles Thomas (event information)

2003 Thinking in Threes: The Triad in Early Irish Literature, by Fergus Kelly (text | audio)

2001 After Glyn Dwr: An Age of Reconciliation? by Ralph A Griffiths (text)

1999 Scottish Gaelic Traditional Songs from the 16th to the 18th Century, by Derick S Thomson (text)

1995 Wales’s Second Grammarian: Dafydd Ddu of Hiraddug, by R Geraint Gruffydd (text)

1992 The Genetics of Celtic Populations, by Walter F Bodmer (text)

1991 The Folk and the Gwerin: The Myth and the Reality of Popular Culture in 19th-Century Scotland and Wales, by Christopher Harvie (text)

1989 The Welsh and the Irish before the Normans — Contact or Impact, by D Simon Evans (text)

1987 Celtic Art: Expressiveness and Communication through 2500 Years, by E M Jope (text)

1985 Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin, The Black Book of Carmarthen, by A O H Jarman (text)

1983 Religion and Welsh Literature in the Age of the Reformation, by Glanmor Williams (text)

1981 The Dating of Middle Irish Texts, by Gearóid Mac Eoin (text)

1979 Regnum and Sacerdotium: Notes on Irish Tradition, by Proinsias Mac Cana (text)

1977 The Labyrinth of Continental Celtic, by D Ellis Evans (text)

1975 New Light on the Ancient Celts, by Léon Fleuriot

1973 The Welsh Latin Chronicles: Annales Cambriae and Related Texts, by Kathleen Hughes (text)

1971 The Court Poet in Medieval Ireland, by J E Caerwyn Williams (text)

1969 The Study of Manx Gaelic, by R L Thomson (text)

1967 The Black Book of Carmarthen ‘Stanzas of the Graves’, by Thomas Jones (text)

1965 The Colonization of Brittany from Celtic Britain, by Nora K Chadwick (text)

1963 Literary Creation and Irish Historical Tradition, by Brian Ó Cuív (text)

1961 The Welsh Metrical Treatise attributed to Einion Offeiriad, by Thomas Parry (text)

. . .

1925 Sir John Rhŷs, by John Morris-Jones (text)

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