Joint British Academy / British Psychological Society Lectures

First delivered to mark the centenary of the British Psychological Society in 2001.

2022 We are family: what really matters for children in new family forms, by Susan Golombok (event information)

2019 Crossing the divide: promoting confidence in contact in a diverse world, by Rhiannon N. Turner (text)

2018 Haunted by memories, by Anke Ehlers (audio)

2017 Trust the people! On the psychology of authoritarian populism, by Stephen Reicher (video)

2016 The stress test: Can stress ever be beneficial?, by Ian Robertson (text | video)

2015 Keeping a spotless mind: The neuroscience of ‘motivated forgetting’, by Michael Anderson (video)

2014 Autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder of mind-reading, by Francesca Happé (text | video)

2013 Dyslexia: An Impairment of Language Learning, by Margaret J Snowling (text | video)

2012 An intelligent Scotland: Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson and the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947, by Ian J Deary (text | video)

2011 The Resilient Brain: Cognition and Ageing, by Lorraine K Tyler (video | audio, plus slides)

2010 Psychology and Climate Change: Collective Solutions to a Global Problem, by David Uzzell (text extract | audio, plus slides)

2009 Positive Psychology and Positive Education, by Martin Seligman (event information)

2008 Effective psychological treatments for anxiety disorders: Science, policy and economics, by David Clark (audio)

2007 Mind the Gap; or Why Humans Are Not Just Great Apes, by R I M Dunbar  (text | audio)

2006 Living Apart, Living Together? The Role of Intergroup Contact in Social Integration, by Miles Hewstone (text)

2005 Relationships and children’s discovery of the mind, by Judith Dunn (event information)

2004 Everybody Counts but Not Everybody Understands Numbers, by Brian Butterworth (text extract | audio)

2003 Working Memory and Learning During the School Years, by Susan E Gathercole (text | audio)

2001 Elementary, my dear Watson, the clue is in the genes ... or is it?, by Annette Karmiloff-Smith (text)

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