Hegel and the Hegelian Tradition in Political Thought

Fri 7 - Sat 8 Jul 2023

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Engraving of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1882
Robinson College, Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AN

Hegel is among the greatest polymaths of the modern era. However, the nature of his contribution to the humanities and social sciences has been systematically obscured since the Second World War. This conference is designed to highlight his significance as a political thinker in particular.

Specialists have tended to confine their attention to one specific aspect of his thought, separating his metaphysical, historical and theoretical concerns. We aim at transforming our sense of the importance of Hegelian political thought by bringing together specialists from Germany, Europe, the UK, and the US to stimulate a renewal of Hegel scholarship within the field of political thought.

In emphasising both Hegel and the Hegelian tradition, we hope to achieve a dual renaissance: first, by reviving the study of Hegel’s own political philosophy and, second, by revitalising the study of the traditions he helped foster.

Conference convenors:
Professor Richard Bourke
, University of Cambridge
Associate Professor Fernanda Gallo, University of Cambridge
Professor Duncan Kelly, University of Cambridge

Speakers across the two-day conference include:

Associate Professor Fernanda Gallo, University of Cambridge
Dr Susanne Herrmann-Sinai, University of Oxford
Professor Stephen Houlgate, Warwick University
Associate Professor David James, Warwick University
Professor Allegra de Laurentiis
, Stony Brook University
Associate Professor David Leopold, University of Oxford
Professor Douglas Moggach, University of Ottawa / University of Sydney
Professor Frederick Neuhouser, Barnard College, Columbia University
Associate Professor Andreja Novakovic, University of California, Berkeley
Professor Terry Pinkard, Georgetown University
Professor Sally Sedgwick, Boston University
Professor Ludwig Siep, University of Münster
Professor Robert Stern FBA, University of Sheffield
Professor Dr Klaus Vieweg, University of Jena,

Please download the programme here

Day 1 starts at 10:30 and ends 17:20

Day 2 starts at 09:30 and ends 16:40

Funded by BEIS

Organised in partnership with: DAAD - University of Cambridge; King's College Cambridge; Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.

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